Est-ce que le vin rouge vous garder en santé de corps et d’esprit?

Will red wine keep you healthy of mind and body ?

The French diet is often used as an example of how wine can improve heart health. The French have a fairly high-fat diet but their heart disease risk is relatively low. Some have attributed this to red wine.

In reality, there are so many differences between the lifestyle of the French and British from their activity levels to the foods they eat, that we can’t be sure it is this divine red ‘nectar’ that gives them the edge in the health stakes. You cannot isolate red wine as the magic bullet for disease prevention, as there are too many other lifestyle considerations that determine an individual’s risk of disease.

Obesity and processed foods are major contributing factors to disease of all kinds.  Sadly, obesity is a bigger problem over here than in France and processed foods are also far more widely used by the British.  The French do tend to opt for fresh produce and delight in the preparation… not all, of course, but many. I am a proud Brit but I can’t help but admire the French and their attitude with food; their restraint with excess and how mealtimes are very much a family affair; a respected social occasion.

There is a misconception that red wine is abundant in antioxidants. It does contain some, but they are not always well absorbed and certain foods or medications can alter absorption.  If it’s antioxidant’s you are after, then you are better off eating a spinach salad with vegetables than drinking a glass of red wine.  Or perhaps, have the salad and a glass of red together as a compromise! You’ve got to live a little.

Red wine boost to brainpower in the female population

On a positive note for us ‘maturing’ ladies…the future looks rosy… or should it be rosé? Recent study shows a boost in brain power for women who enjoy a little daily tipple. The study, published in the Jan. 20 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine, evaluated more than 12,000 women aged 71-80 – those most vulnerable to mental decline. Moderate drinkers scored much better than teetotalers on tests of mental function and researchers found a boost in brainpower with just one drink a day. Looks like those little afternoon sherry shots are doing Granny no harm!

These moderate drinkers had a 23% reduced risk of mental decline compared with nondrinkers. That’s a really high percentage isn’t it? Should we not all be prescribed a daily beverage in our dotage?

Note the term ‘moderate’ used here [she says, waving her finger in earnest] anything more excessive will begin to negate all the benefits, however well intended, so it is wise to follow the expert’s guidelines of your recommended units as best you can. Women: 2-3 units per day and men: 3-4 units per day.

Allow a few alcohol-free days a week too; to allow your body to recover, especially after a heavy drinking session.

If all this has given you a thirst, The bottle boutique has a menu of delicious award winning French, Spanish and New World wines to wet your whistle, that can branded with your logo or design.  Get in touch today to find out more.

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Troublesome Bubbles

“Did you know that the bubbles in Champagne were first considered a flaw?”

Early winemakers of the Champagne region of France didn’t want effervescent wine. They considered bubbles a defect – a corruption of the still, fizz-free wine that they were trying to make.

These bothersome bubbles came about unintentionally, with the weather being the culprit. Being so far north, the temperature in Champagne sometimes turned too cool too soon, stopping the fermentation process short.

Once placed into bottles, this partially fermented wine became little glass ‘time-bombs’. When temperatures warmed up again in the spring, fermentation rebooted – only this time inside the bottle. The build-up of carbon dioxide (a byproduct of fermentation) created intense pressure inside the bottles and turned the tranquil cellars of Champagne into war zones of exploding bottles!

Preparing the grapes

Of course, when the bottles didn’t burst, this secondary fermentation created bubbles, which were released harmlessly when the bottles were uncorked.

Faced with a potentially defective product, there was only one thing to do: call in the marketers! The marketing professionals took what was essentially a flaw and turned it into a fabulous selling point! They positioned Champagne as a fun, festive wine. Today, of course, the very word “Champagne” is practically a synonym for celebration and the bubbles central to this.

The Home of Champagne


No doubt there was also a need then to build a better bottle – one that would not explode shards of glass into customers’ faces! You’ll notice that today’s sparkling wines come in thick, unexploding glass bottles.

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Generous gifting

Hello everyone,

I came across this article a few months ago in The Daily Mail: ‘Son of Russian billionaire gifts Zac Efron with $100,000 bottle of champagne’.

My first thought was, ‘Gosh, what an obscene amount of money!’ Then I saw that this was for a 15 litre bottle, which is equivalent to 20 bottles of a standard 75cl bottle of champagne.

Perhaps, $5,000 for a bottle of top quality champagne, might not be as disgustingly expensive as I first thought?  It is still however, an example of an extremely extravagant gift, for the simple reason that the billionaire son wants to make friends with an American movie star. What happened to the old fashioned friendship bracelet? Would a $20,000 bottle have sufficed? Or was it necessary to go all out to get the impact and people talking about him afterwards?

It got me to thinking about corporate gifting for businesses and, “How much is too much?” How do you decide as a business what is acceptable and what is just over-the-top? After all, as Marketers we need to consider the return on investment for these gifts. Yes, we want to create connotations to luxury and give people something to remember.  However, how do we decide on the value of the gift and achieve that balance?

This is one of the benefits of sourcing gifts from The Bottle Boutique.  We know that on occasion you might be looking for something non-standard that is not on our usual price list. Maybe you have a very special client with whom you wish to reward in spectacular style; or perhaps you have a marketing campaign that requires many bottles but with a creative twist, on a tight budget.  Whatever your needs get in touch today and start by talking to us on 0161 222 8981 or email us on

The Scent of Vintage

These are rather special….
hand poured and highly scented, luxury candles.  One of which has the very ‘real’ and ultra-indulgent aroma of Vintage Champagne!

This is a ‘first’ for a candle with the scent of vintage champagne…. which leaves us wondering, ‘Why did it take so long?’  With over 29 million litres of champagne sold in the UK every year, there’s hardly a shortage of champagne lovers out there, so congratulations to the creators, who have seen this opportunity and given us what we want.  I for one will have this candle on my radar for when I am looking for a stylish gift for friends who, ‘Have it all’.

It is no surprise too that this coveted candle is also gathering a celebrity following fast with the likes of Jennifer Hudson and Lisa Snowdon publicly endorsing the product and many other celebs declaring their love of the product through a Twitter frenzy of adoring tweets on a daily basis.


The vintage champagne candle is available in stylish white, clear or black glass jars and in a selection of sizes to suit all budgets and occasions from darling little miniatures, generous two and three wick jars up to a magnificent hurricane vase which has 220 hours of burn time…. join the queue for the hurricane!

This new and innovative UK candle manufacturer also has another 15 delightful and contemporary scents within their impressive range and there is even the option to have BESPOKE LABELS created on all their sizes, which makes them ideal for branded corporate events, gifts and goody bags.  For more information, contact us now on 0161 222 8981 or email us:


The Value of Corporate Hospitality in Football

Corporate gifting as part of general hospitality is a growing industry, and especially noticeable within football. Last year in the Premier League nearly £450m was made in match day revenue, with hospitality representing as much as 30% of this. Hospitality in sports is an important area for a number of reasons; as well as the high level of revenue it brings in, football clubs in particular are always keen to entertain potential partners and sponsors.

Manchester City, who now entertain more than 75,000 corporate hospitality guests a season, have put a lot of effort into increasing their match day hospitality revenue in order to compete with local rivals Manchester United. City initially spent £20m fitting bars, restaurants and other corporate entertainment facilities into their ground, following the move to the City of Manchester stadium in 2003.

City have recently increased their hospitality revenue from £5.4m in 2009 to £6.1m in 2010, and with total match day revenue of £20.8m (’09) and £24.4m (’10) their hospitality revenue makes up 25% of the total, showing the huge importance and value it brings.

To consider why City were so keen to spend an initial £20m on improving their facilities you need only look at across city neighbours Manchester United, whose match day revenue in 2010 was a massive £100.2m. Whilst United do not disclose separate figures for their hospitality revenue, it is thought to represent around 20% of their match day total.

The Bottle Boutique has already worked with a number of sporting clubs, some of which are premiership football clubs. These include Tottenham Hotspur and two north-west clubs; providing branded bottles and branded champagne. Within sports hospitality and sports marketing as a whole, The Bottle Boutique product has much to offer, from corporate/sponsor gifting; photo opportunities; match day hospitality; display and team celebrations. For further information about how The Bottle Boutique branded bottles product could feature in your first team line-up, contact us TODAY on 0161 222 8981 or email us on

This content of this blog was assisted by Jonny Pennington, final year MMU marketing student working with Market Squared.

Corporate Gifting in Recruitment

Hello everyone,

My name is Joanna; I am a guest blogger for the Bottle Boutique. For me, the first time I saw the end product, I immediately recognized the power it offers as a branding tool to use at corporate events. Not forgetting the connotations to luxury it provides when opting for Champagne. This got me to thinking who is the best end customer for the product?

The Bottle Boutique currently boasts a customer base of large corporate brands & luxury hospitality clients. Let’s not pretend it’s the cheapest of corporate gifts, but would you really want to give your most profitable client a pen? No, we didn’t think so, and this is why The Bottle Boutique has seen such high demands over the past year with clients in a variation of markets.

I thought today I would share with you an example of how a client has used the product not only as a gift, but also as a branding tool to encourage retention.  The example I have chosen is Recruitment, from my personal experience working in recruitment, I know how tough it is to get your clients to call you straight away when they have a new role, after all its likely they receive several calls a day from competing agencies and run busy schedules. Plus for new clients, how quickly will they recall your name and number to call you?

The Bottle Boutique’s marketing savvy recruitment client, placed a large order of quality champagne with the intention of creating intrigue amongst potential big-hitter employers within the Financial Services Industry.

Their bottles were beautifully presented with their brand clear, proud and pantone matched to perfection.  They also added a large message on the front centre of the bottles which read, ‘Congratulations on your NEW Financial Director’.

Now, the recipients of these bottles hadn’t actually recruited a new FD, so their immediate thoughts on receiving these bottles must have been one of confusion.  They were unaware, however, that the sole intention of the recruitment agency was always just to create a dialogue with the potential employer – and then to introduce to them, the candidates on their books.  The line on the bottle was actually a mere suggestion that the ideal FD was currently on their books and that they should meet with them.

This ruse worked a treat and did open that much needed dialogue.  Recruitment agencies can find it notoriously hard to speak directly with key decision makers and this stratagem went exactly to plan.  Many called to question the gift and of those that didn’t, were still highly receptive and warm when they received a follow-up phone call asking if they had received the champagne.  The recruitment agency still uses this successful approach now in phases, targeting different industry sectors.

In summary I think that the product meets a diverse range of needs, whether it’s a gift for a client or a reward for a member of the staff, the possibilities are endless, Champagne or Wine, a message or a strap-line, the decision is yours.

For further information contact or call 0161 222 8981, TODAY.



What’s the Fizz About Champagne?

Champagne, as we all know is one of the most sought after and well regarded wines available, but what do we know about the origins and history surrounding it? Well, let’s have a look…

Champagne is exclusively produced in the Champagne region of France, an area to the North East of Paris, close to the French-Belgian border. The grapes used are Pinot Noir, Chardonnay and Pinot Meunier in accordance with the Le Comite Interprofessionnel du vin de Champagne (the Champagne trade association: and supported by a Protected Designation of Origin under the European Union, where anything that is not produced in the Champagne region cannot be called Champagne. It is not quite as strict in other countries such as the USA, but is generally a well protected term worldwide.

Champagne has been around since the 5th century, and possibly earlier. Traditionally, vineyards were planted by Churches, with it being used during religious festivals and celebrations. However, it did not become a sparkling wine, until much later – the 16th century, and it was an English scientist, Christopher Merrett, who added the second fermentation phase to make it much more like the product we taste today, despite this not being taken universally on until the 19th century – 200 years after he wrote about the process. By the 1850, 20 million bottles were produced, compared to only thousands a few years before due to the new technology being utilised. Continue reading “What’s the Fizz About Champagne?” »

Champagne: Vintage Versus Non Vintage

When you are looking to buy champagne, do you really know what you are buying and the difference between vintage and non-vintage? The majority of us will tend to opt for a quality non-vintage or NV; often based on price. Buying NV means that you will enjoy a blend of wines from different years that maintain a consistent ‘house style’. So, when you buy a bottle of NV Moet, then you know exactly what you are getting.

Vintage Champagnes differ in that they are made in years when the weather behaved and the crop was exceptional – such as 1996, 1999 and 2002. However, not all Champagne houses declare in the same year – the choice to class it as a vintage is up to the winemaker. As with anything special, you will pay a premium but for a special occasion, corporate gifting to a real connoisseur or when you have an event when only the best will do, vintage is the obvious choice.

Louis Roederer’s, Cristal, a popular choice amongst the celebrity set is always vintage so if you ever find yourself ordering a few bottles of Cristal at around £137 a pop (lucky you!) do ask for the year.

The Bottle Boutique provide an excellent range of vintage and non-vintage, award winning champagnes that you can have branded up with your own logo or event.  Contact or call 0161 976 6104

Christmas Corporate Gifting for 2011

So another Christmas has come and gone. We return to our desks with a pile load of work and deadlines.  A fairly sluggish January ahead of us, the only thing we have to look forward to; pay day aside, is the indulgence of all our gifts received over the festive season.

This year the trending for corporate gifts became more interesting. Instead of the pointless office stationery, generic hampers and confectionery, 2011 was all about adding that personal touch to your corporate gifts; through the customization of wine & champagne bottles. We are delighted to see our product growing in popularity.  After all, branded champagne is a tasteful way for businesses to customise their gifts and show they have put more effort and thought into this year’s gifting ideas. Whether it’s to internal employees, suppliers or agencies, branded wines and champagne never go unappreciated, so whenever the next special occasion arises in 2012, make sure you don’t miss out!

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Amisha Patel – Guest Blogger
MMU Final Year Marketing Student

Serial Entrepreneur Bev James on Champagne, Chanel and Caan

The Bottle Boutique interviews the highly successful business woman and serial entrepreneur, Bev James.
Bev JamesBev is the Founder and MD of the Entrepreneurs’ Business Academy and is also the MD of The Coaching Academy, the world’s largest coaching organisation and a multi-million pound business. e Bottle Boutique is privileged to have her as a business mentor and coach and is still reaping the benefits of everything that Bev and The Entrepreneurs Business Academy has to offer.
Bev is also a lover of fine champagne!

Describe The EBA and your target market?
The EBA provides a unique training and mentoring programmes for ambitious entrepreneurs.

What has been your best day in business so far?
Gosh, there have been so many, supporting entrepreneurs. The best days for me is when I get emails and telephone calls with people sharing their success, I always feel privileged to work with such driven and inspiring people.

What is your favourite luxury brand?
Chanel is pure luxury, I justify the cost by looking at purchases on a cost per use basis, if something is timeless and great quality it will last a lifetime so cost per use is low.

Where is your favourite place to drink champagne and with whom?
Harvey Nichols 5th floor occasional early evening drinks with my girlfriends is always good fun and its a great place for people watching.

What is your champagne of choice?
Veuve Clicquot.

In one sentence, what do you think makes a successful Entrepreneur?
Someone who sees an opportunity and takes action.

What was the last book you read?
Having spent the last year writing my first book ‘Do it or ditch it’ the one thing I missed terribly was reading, I am just re-reading Mans Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl. It is a very short book but very powerful – a real must read.

Who do you admire in business?
I am very lucky to be surrounded by very successful entrepreneurs as part of EBA. James Caan and Jamie Constable have been a big influence on me in the last 12 months.

What was your first ever job?
Working on a mini golf course at a local Lido for 50p a day when I was 9 years old, the best part of the day was picking up the litter with a wonderful spear like gadget when the lido closed at the end of the day. Fortunately, for me underage working wasn’t really on the radar then so I was always able to boost my pocket money.

If you were to choose a Hollywood star to play you in your life story, who would it be and why?
Marg Simpson making life make sense, I wish I could get my hair that high!